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ESOMAR to hold 3D digital dimensions conference

OCTOBER 13, 2011 – Market researchers and others involved in advertising have seen a major change in their industries with the rise of digital channels, such as the internet and mobile. To help cope with this shift, ESOMAR will be holding a conference addressing the “revolution in market research that is creating remarkable changes in how we interact with technological change,” covering issues pertaining to mobile devices, social media and the internet.

The event is scheduled for October 26-28 and will be held in Miami, Florida.

“It is a continuous global conversation where researchers play a critical role gathering, translating and activating insights to capitalize on business opportunities where ROI is paramount,” the group said on the event page.

A major theme of the conference, which has typically addressed online marketing, will be dividing the digital world into three smaller spheres: social media research, mobile research and online research and data collection.

ESOMAR describes itself as an international organization that aims to prove the value of market research and how it can help people make more informed decisions by casting light on “real issues.”