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Evaluating the importance of market research at ESOMAR Congress

SEPTEMBER 7, 2011 – The ESOMAR group will soon host its 2011 Congress in Amsterdam, Holland, a three-day event beginning on September 18 that aims to celebrate market research’s effectiveness and the contribution it makes. Attendees will also have the chance to sit in on workshops about strategic consulting, selling a company and how to translate market insight into decisions.

“Decision makers require guidance to help them connect with their audience and support their corporate strategy,” the group noted on its website. “Connecting business with consumers, society with citizens, and providing actionable insights that impact … business and society is what market research is there for.”

As the group also noted, the decisions that often lead to a product or service achieving real value are usually made based on market research which has uncovered what consumers are searching for.

The event will focus on the overall impact that market research has on the industry, as well as how it affects business and society more broadly.

According to ESOMAR’s website, the group counts more that 4,800 people from at least 120 countries among its membership, and it works to show how market research contributes to informing decisions and “illuminating real issues.”