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Even in the Digital Era, Canadians Have Confidence in Mainstream News Media

According to a study released today by the Canadian Media Research Consortium (CMRC), nearly nine out of 10 Canadians consider information provided by traditional news media to be reliable and trustworthy. In contrast, only one-in-four thinks information from social networks is reliable.

Younger Canadians (18 to 34 years of age) are a little more likely to express confidence in social media (33%). Young adults have more confidence in social networking sites and blogs than average, but they still rank them far behind established news sources. Traditional news outlets were ranked as reliable or very reliable by between 83 and 88 per cent of young adult respondents; only 33 per cent said the same about social networking sites or blogs.

Professional journalistic editing inspires more confidence than “crowd editing” on wikis and similar sites.

Read the full release from the Canadian Media Research Consortium.