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Find Brand Ambassadors With SparqTM Facebook Connect – October 24, 2011 – by David Cohen Facebook marketers have a new tool in their quest to determine which of their customers function as brand ambassadors: Sparq Facebook Connect, from Vision Critical. Sparq Facebook Connect extends the Sparq online community panel platform from Vision Critical to Facebook, enabling marketers to invite their most valuable customers to participate in research projects and share their updates, all via the social network. Vision Critical boasts a client list of more than 600 companies in North America, Europe, and Australia. Senior Vice President of Product Management Gordon McNeill said: Our social media capabilities demonstrate Vision Critical’s commitment to delivering valuable and timely insights to our customers and our leadership in advancing our software technology to meet ever-changing consumer behaviors. Sparq Facebook Connect unleashes the power of social networking by turning panelists into brand ambassadors who can now help expand the reach of our enterprise customers through their interactions with their Facebook networks. Readers, would you ever become engaged enough with a brand to participate on the level described above by Vision Critical?