Four Shopper Types Retailers Need to Look Out for this Black Friday Season, Data Reveals

Key Buyer Profiles Identified to Help Retailers Better Understand, Target Consumers

NEW YORK – November 25, 2013 – Vision Critical, the leading provider of insight community technologies, today released four shopper types that retailers should look out for this Black Friday season. With the classification of these personas, retailers have a significant opportunity to target, understand and engage with each shopper type on an ongoing basis in order to continuously drive sales.

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday merge into a single sales event and with the growing popularity of shopping, couponing and social media activities on mobile devices, the purchasing habits, attitudes and preferences of consumers are quickly shifting. The following shopper types are an example of how retailers must continuously listen to their core customer base in order to understand their changing wants and needs.

black friday shopper types small picTo understand the fluctuating attitudes and behaviors of consumers, including their shopping habits, retailers need to maintain an ongoing dialogue with their target customers for insights. As a result, retailers can better know their buyers and cater to the group accordingly. Customer engagement technology, such as Vision Critical Insight Communities, enables retailers to engage with large groups of customers for feedback that helps them develop targeted products and services.


Modern Day Mom – Will shop in stores but loves her mobile coupons

  • She is typically 43 years old
  • More than half of her time will be spent shopping in stores
  • Of those moms who will be shopping online, 1/10 of that time moms will be doing so via smartphones
  • Almost 75 percent will use their mobile devices to receive online vouchers
  • This mom plans to spend the least on herself when shopping for others
  • She is likely to read e-newsletters/promotions so that she is prepared for upcoming deals (85%), line up for door crashers and brave long lines and crowds

Millennial Generation Shopper – Impulsively buys online while staying put

  • The group’s average age is 26
  • This younger crowd shops online and will spend about 30 percent of their time shopping on their mobile devices (smartphone and tablet)
  • While on mobile, almost 60 percent plan to shop while stationary (not on the go or in store)
  • Most millennials will use mobile to browse for products (62%) and search for deals (61%)
  • Generation Ys are mostly likely to be swayed by impulse (almost 80%), line up for a deal and browse social media sites

Mobile Tech Embracer – Also known as the in store mobile shopper

  • This mid-30s group has embraced traditional forms of shopping and adopted new ways of purchasing
  • Among those who plan to shop online, more than half of that time will be spent on mobile devices
  • Almost 60 percent of mobile shoppers will do so either on the go or in store
  • Tech embracers will participate in almost all shopping behaviors through a mobile device while in store such as browsing for products (almost 90%), searching for deals (77%), comparison shopping (76%) and purchasing products (72%)
  • This tech-savvy shopper is likely to get very excited about Black Friday (83%), read e-newsletters (89%) and wake up early or stay up late for promotions (77%)

Single Cyber Male – Loves to shop online and spends just as much on himself

  • Single male shoppers with an average age of 36 years old
  • Bachelors will do about 2/3 of their shopping through the Web this season
  • Those shopping online are most likely to do so through their laptops or desktops (over 80% of the time) and not on their mobile devices
  • However, when mobile shopping, this group will spend the most time shopping while on the go (26%) or in store (29%)
  • The single male will spend almost as much on himself as on others during Black Friday/Cyber Monday (self: $224/others: $239)
  • He is likely to browse ahead of time (91%) and not bother with lines and crowds (76%)

For a visually friendly version of the four shopper types, please check out the accompanying infographic above or here:


On November 8, 2013, Vision Critical conducted a survey using the company’s proprietary research panel, Springboard America, to measure the opinions and perceptions of 1,006 Americans, ages 18 and over through an online questionnaire to determine whether Americans planned on shopping during the upcoming Black Friday/Cyber Monday holiday sales event. The total sample size of this study yields a margin of error of +/- 3.1% 19 times out of 20. Data reported is based on Americans who plan on shopping this Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday. For complete survey methodology, including weighting variables, please contact