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Getting Scandalous To Reach Screenagers

Scripted dramas typically do not to gain audience over time. After the initial mystery of the first season, people tend to lose interest and eventually tune out.

“Scandal,” a show created by Shonda Rhimes, is bucking that trend. After a solid but unspectacular first season, the drama saw a dramatic increase in its social buzz and its ratings in its sophomore 2012-13 season. “Scandal” is this year’s must-tweet TV.

The ABC drama offers some insights on how to engage the screenagers, a new generation of multi-tasking consumers who utilize multiple screens and multiple devices at the same time. First coined in the late ’90s and originally referring to teenagers who spend a lot of time at a computer screen, this segment is made up of the youngest members of the Millennial generation—some of whom are now in their 20s.  

Read the full article from EVP of TV & FIlm, Aaron Paquette on MediaPost.