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Google Analytics, market research and creating a better website

DECEMBER 6, 2011 – In addition to assessing consumer demand or uncovering an opportunity for product development, market research can also be applied to determine the effectiveness of a website – and Google Analytics may be able to help.

Writing for Mashable, Rachael Gerson of SEER Interactive notes that there are several new features of the tool that can be extremely beneficial to website owners.

The Dashboard was one of the GA features to get a massive facelift, and now offers the option to create as many as 20 dashboards tailored to the user’s needs. Statistics on bounce rates, visits, goal completions and where the visitor came from are also available.

In addition, GA can show how many people are actively visiting the site in real time and the speed with which the page loads – something CMS Wire explains is important in cutting down the bounce rate.

The multichannel funnels are yet another feature of the revamped GA that can show a company how a consumer found the site and which channel – paid search, organic, Twitter – was ultimately responsible for the conversion.

“Now GA shows every interaction a user had with the site in the 30 days prior to conversion,” Gerson explains. “Using these reports, departments can take credit for their assists to conversions, and companies can make more informed decisions about which marketing activities have the highest ROI.”