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How One Direction, Miley And Bieber Made Concert Movies A Profitable Business

You don’t have to be a Directioner to have heard of “This Is Us,” the 3D movie by the British boy band One Direction. Since its release in the final week of September, the movie raked in more than $60 million worldwide, easily exceeding its $10 million production cost and becoming one of this summer’s box office successes. 

One Direction is just the latest pop act to dabble in the concert movie business. Everyone from the likes of Led Zeppelin to the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson, has previously released a concert movie. 

While concert movies are not exactly new, one thing that’s different this time is how these movies are actually highly profitable. Historically, concert movies never did particularly well. Occasionally a documentary might come out about a major, multi-act concert (like the Monterey Pop Festival, The Last Waltz, or The Concert For Bangladesh), but single-act concerts were mostly kept to TV, filling up premium channels like HBO.

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