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How to use insight communities to bridge internal silos

Many factors continue to frustrate customer experience (CX) professionals’ efforts in delivering meaningful change to their businesses. Some reasons relate to organizational alignment while others relate to the tools of the trade. The latter are, to a great extent, the product of the former (i.e., siloed thinking begets siloed solutions) and overreliance on technologies that accelerate and amplify the voice of the customer risk instilling a false sense of security that data alone – even when there’s lots of it – empowers and naturally leads to better decisions and solutions.

The customer experience system isn’t broken per se – it’s evolving in many useful and necessary directions – but there are some material gaps that urgently need filling or we run the risk of being data-rich and insights-poor.

What typically happens 

Let’s look at what typically happens when companies’ feedback data identifies a touchpoint or customer journey that needs fixing, either systemically or locally. Companies do one or a combination of a few things:

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