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Institute of Directors Named as European Community Panel of the Year

The Institute of Directors (IoD) has been named as the 2012 European Community Panel of the Year, and will participate as a finalist in the 2012 Global Community Panel of the Year Awards – a competition run by Vision Critical between the firm’s 500 online Community Panels.
Originally formed in 1903, the Institute of Directors (IoD) is the UK’s longest-running organisation for directors and professional leaders. With 40,000 members, the IoD’s key aims are to support, represent and set standards for directors.
The IoD launched its community panel, Policy Voice, in 2008. Initially the objective for the panel was simply to complement its pre-existing telephone market research programme. Over time, however, Policy Voice has become the organisation’s principal research tool, allowing the opinions of members to be collected quickly and flexibly, and to be communicated to the highest levels of government and the media.
It is no exaggeration to say that Policy Voice carries our members’ views into Downing Street, into Parliament and onto the front pages of the national newspapers,” says Mike Harris, Head of Policy Development at the IoD.
“Directors by nature are an incredibly time-poor community – these men and women lead businesses, charities and public sector organisations in what is an incredibly challenging economic environment – so real time access to 3,000 engaged and willing community panel members gives us quality insights in a way we never thought possible before.”
Mike Stevens, Managing Director of Vision Critical Europe congratulated the IoD: “It is an honour to work with an organisation like the IoD. They have been extremely successful in consolidating members’ opinions on important issues, – and subsequently influencing public policy in the UK. Very well done to Mike and his team.”
The winner of the 2012 Global Community Panel of the Year competition will be announced at the company’s annual Summit in New York City on October 4th. For more information visit
About the IoD
The Institute of Directors has been supporting businesses and the people who run them since 1903. As the UK’s longest-running organisation for professional leaders, it is dedicated to supporting its 40,000 members, encouraging entrepreneurial activity and promoting responsible business practice for the benefit of the business community and society as a whole.
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