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Integrate social media, email campaigns for greater market insight

AUGUST 29, 2011 – Advertisers who use social media as a means of conducting market research can also pair it with email and other channels to reach out to customers more effectively.

Many companies try to expand their impact through email marketing campaigns, and reaching out to consumers through social media channels is one way to do that, as Greg Brown, the chief revenue officer for social engagement app provider Extole, writes for BtoB magazine.

According to Brown, running surveys on social media websites is also a good way to pump up the number of contacts in a company’s email database. He gives a cosmetics company as an example. The business offered a product sample to everyone who completed a Facebook survey on skin health, and gained 10,000 new qualified email addresses within two days – a goal it had hoped to achieve over the course of three months.

Nestle is one company that has harnessed the power of social media and used it to get a better understanding of the customers it markets to, The Sydney Morning Herald reports. The brand built up an online community of 5,000 people and started a “regular, two-way conversation with grocery buyers” in order to get a sense of what Australians “talked about in the kitchen.”