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Jeffrey Henning’s #MRX Top Ten: A Consumer, A Brand, and a Researcher Walk Into a Bar

  1. A Patch, A Niche, A Disruptor & Something Over The Horizon – Ray Poynter of Vision Critical University looks at types of ongoing shifts in the research industry: “patches” like gamification are stopgaps that will allow research to continue using traditional methods until new tools have matured; niches like neuroscience will not be scalable any time soon; disruptors such as text analytics will transform the industry. Other changes “over the horizon” will cause long-term transformation but have little short-term impact.
  2. Meet The New Consumer? – Steve Needel skewers the hyperbole about how the “new consumer” makes purchase decisions.
  3. Thoughts on the 2013 AMSRS National Conference – Reg Baker discusses his insights from the annual conference of the Australian Market & Social Research Society, which includes public opinion researchers and market researchers.
  4. How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Products – Mitt Ray outlines a strategy for businesses to build Pinterest pages that generate leads and sales.

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