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Market research can hint at the ‘next big thing’

OCTOBER 28, 2011 – Companies involved in developing technology and those responsible for promoting what they create need to be aware of what demand or innovation is around the corner, and as a result, can gain an edge by conducting market research to figure out what’s coming up, BtoB magazine reports.

Recognizing this, some companies are teaming up to give marketers the tools to spot emerging trends. The source points to a new partnership between Juniper Networks and Harte-Hanks, created to gain deeper marketing intelligence.

Harte-Hanks has one product that can predict whether a company is looking for computers, asset management software and storage, or a cloud computing solution, BtoB says. The offering can also give users a heads up when potential customers are getting ready to shop for new IT.

“The scores are based on a tremendous sample size of survey data that, when analyzed, forecasts not just what, but when a company is most likely to buy,” Tino Kokkinos, managing director at Harte-Hanks Market Intelligence, told the news source.

The Ottawa Business Journal reports that retail companies are also on the hunt for better insight into their markets. The newspaper says Gazaro, a start-up in Ottawa, is offering an item that helps merchants “track the products it carries and see the online prices listed by other retailers.”