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Market research can inform more relevant content

JANUARY 31, 2012 – When it comes to internet marketing in 2012, content will be a key strategy for connecting with consumers via their smartphones and tablet computers. In order to know what kind of material will resonate with an audience, companies will need to conduct market research to gain insight.

BtoB magazine reports that social media – networks, blogs and review websites – and mobile devices have transformed the advertising landscape, but that there are still a few roadblocks on the way to campaign success.

The news outlet points to research from the Content Marketing Institute, which found that the average B2B marketing budget sets aside 26 percent of the total to developing content marketing in 2011.

Big Data is also making its presence felt in the advertising industry. Businesses’ servers are swelling with user-generated information and content as well, and so the organizations are working to figure out how they can use it to drive improvements across the enterprise.

“There is much more focus on a holistic approach across content and the marketing investment for clients,” Lou Aversano, COO of Ogilvy New York, told the magazine. “Paid/owned/earned is becoming the standard model.” This structure is different from the traditional channels for buying media, developing your own original content and “earning” material through social media, the source explains.

In addition to using the networks for distributing their articles and blogs, companies are also tapping social media in order to get feedback from their clients on everything from service to developing new products.

“We have four pillars within our integrated social strategy: listening, planning, engaging and measuring,” Petra Neiger, senior manager of social media marketing at Cisco Systems, told BtoB.

The technology also provides enterprises with a chance to brand themselves and pull in more customers. The social media company Wildfire issued an infographic displaying results from a November survey, which found that 88 percent of marketers used the channel in order to spread their brands’ profiles, while 58 percent said they use it to help sales and partnerships and 85 percent relied on social in order to carry out a dialogue.

A vast majority, 97 percent, said they believed that their businesses were improved with social media, and three-quarters said they had plans to spend even more money on social this year.

“While respondents ranked Facebook as their top social media marketing channel, we may see this change in 2012 with services like Twitter’s branded pages, LinkedIn’s developer launch, Google+ and the continued growth of blogging networks like Tumbler and WordPress,” the Wildfire researchers commented.