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Market research necessary to understand ‘American Heartland’

SEPTEMBER 2, 2011 – In order to get a better idea of what consumers in the American Heartland are looking for and maintain competition in a constantly shifting marketplace, advertisers need to conduct market research and get on the same level as their audiences.

According to Ad Week, the “heartland” of the United States is evolving and growing in size and complexity. The Southeast, Midwest and some of the Southwest contain some of the country’s biggest cities as well as small towns, and celebrities and average citizens alike call the region home.

While market research panels will go a long way in visualizing how this demographic operates, marketers “must first understand their lifestyles and core beliefs,” the magazine reports.

The source points to a Yankelovich Monitor report that revealed 40 percent of responding consumers are influenced by their faith when they make purchasing decisions. This may not necessarily be in a religious way, but rather could incorporate the brand’s values, the product or the advertising campaign, Ad Week says.

Brand value is not to be underestimated, and it is something even entire countries have to be worried about. A recent report from Brand Finance found that the national brand value of the U.S. has dropped 10 percent since April 2011, falling to $11.4 trillion.