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Marketers want social metrics for ROI

SEPTEMBER 21, 2011 – The demand for market research services and consumer analytics will likely be driven higher in the future, as the internet allows marketers to collect vast amounts of information on consumers’ behaviors and preferences.

Direct Marketing News reports that ad agencies are increasingly using social media in every part of their campaigns, and as a result, are seeking out tools that can rapidly give them a sense of social content’s impact.

Aaron Shockey, Neiman Marcus’ digital marketing vice president, said in an interview with the source that just as it can be a struggle to report the effectiveness of brand engagement campaigns, it’s hard to measure social ROI.

“We’re seeing a shorter and shorter window for the marketing campaign, thus the need to measure in real-time is what’s driving the 
acquisitions that you’re seeing,” Bruce Kenny, the executive vice president of technology and hosted operations at digital analytics firm Webtrends, told the source.

According to Business 2 Community, social media is a key component of maintaining a connection between a brand and its consumers. The online tools help marketers “stay in touch with people” and keep “an eye on your brand and the needs of your clients,” the source notes.