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Millennials, Everyone Else Love Different Brands

Are Millennials’ most-loved brands different than those of the general market? A new study from Vision Critical’s BERA (Brand Equity Relationship Assessment) group, based on surveys of 7,000 Millennials and 28,000 participants in the general market, found that, yes, they are, and it’s a rough mix of everything from digital brands to Reese’s.  

As part of the study, consumers were polled to name their favorite brands based on product features, pricing, communications, distribution and service. All of this was then factored into a list of the top 25 brands for both Millennials and everyone else, per the study. 

Good news for Google, bad for autos: both Millennials and the general market ranked Google among brands they love the most. Neither could come up with a car brand to put anywhere in the top 25. Also popular among both groups are YouTube,, Microsoft, Apple. Reese’s, and Lego.  

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