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MRE conference will cover consumer choices, offer insight

OCTOBER 20, 2011 – A three-day conference that will be held in Orlando, Florida, this year aims to show those in the advertising industry how gathering information and insights on consumer behavior and preferences can offer significant business value.

The Market Research Event runs from November 7-9 and will feature more than 175 speakers. It will be hosted by the Institute for International Research.

A discussion on the “art of choosing,” as well as a talk on how gaining consumer insight can give corporations an added boost, are among the topics that will be covered over the course of the conference. Attendees will also have a chance to learn more about the market research industry and how mobile and digital technology and media are impacting daily activities.

As Julie Kurd writes for the event’s blog, the market research industry has changed rapidly with the evolution of technology in recent years, and it can be hard for those working in the sector to keep up.

“These explorations are invigorating, and run the gamut from market identification, awareness and usage … to product and message optimizations,” Kurd notes. “They’re using all manner of techniques to disrupt the status quo at shelf with the goal of a blockbuster product, package or positioning.”