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MRIA 7th Annual Net Gain Conference

January 31, Toronto- CA

Vision Critical is pleased to be presenting at this year’s MRIA Net Gain Conference. The theme of this year’s conference is Little Data, Big Data. Little Data refers to the traditional analytics of relatively small samples, be it a sample of 1,000 respondents or interviews with 10 key informants. Big Data refers to the firehouse of information that is produced at warp-like speed emanating from not only people but a multitude of high technology sources such as mobile phones or asset connected devices.Some questions that will be addressed at the conference include:

Vision Critical will be presenting a speaking session entitled, Data Mining and Predictive Modeling to Drive Panel Management Strategies: a case study. This case study will showcase how Vision Critical has developed an analytic sandbox to mine Big Data and create predictive models on the Angus Reid Forum, its Canadian national panel.