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New research from Vision Critical reveals over 80 percent of consumers want more safeguards in place to protect their personal data online or when shared with brands

Additional findings show 87 percent would share more information and be more loyal if they could view or manage data stored on them


Vancouver, Canada / London, England – May 22, 2018 – Today, customer intelligence platform Vision Critical released the findings from its latest study on consumer attitudes and expectations around the collection, usage, and storage of their personal data by brands. For this study, Vision Critical surveyed over 1,500 people in the UK, France, and Germany over the age of 18 who completed an online purchase within the last twelve months.

The report reveals data sharing and privacy preferences and concerns, uncovering that four out of five consumers (81 percent) believe more should be done by governments or brands to ensure their personal information is protected. However, the vast majority of respondents (87 percent) said they would be more comfortable sharing data if they had more control over it – that is, if they could see the data being stored about them or they could easily change or delete it. The findings suggest that when brands offer a heightened level of transparency and control around consumers’ personal data, those consumers are more likely to share information that can be used to deliver improved brand experiences, ultimately leading to an increase in affinity and loyalty.

Vision Critical’s findings support the core ethos of The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which goes into effect on May 25th, underscoring that the new regulations are in alignment with consumer expectations. These additional findings include:

“With customer concerns regarding data usage on the rise, it’s more important than ever for brands to move away from an extraction-only mentality and towards a relationship-based approach that puts the entire customer (not only their information) at the center of the business,” said Scott Miller, CEO, Vision Critical. “In conducting this study, we confirmed that the more proactively brands nurture relationships with their customer base, the better their ability to understand their customers’ wants and needs. By offering more transparency in their data collection and ensuring they provide value back to the customers who provide information, brands are able to create genuine, long-lasting relationships with consumers that are worth more than any singular data point.”

To learn more about how Vision Critical enables brands to build relationships with customers, gather the information they need to make customer-centric business decisions and protect their customers’ data while doing so, please visit Additionally, the results of Vision Critical’s North American study on consumer expectations around data protection and regulation can be found here.


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