New Vision Critical® Infographic Shows the Public’s Love for the Queen after 60 years


New research from Vision Critical has expressed the views of the British Public in a highly accessible infographic.

Amongst the key findings are:

  • The Queen is felt to be more respected and more important to the country then the rest of the Royal Family.
  • Which is probably why only 51% think we should keep the monarchy in its current form when the Queen is no longer Head of State?
  • And, it may explain why 78% think the Queen should continue as long as she is able to?
  • Looking to the future, 55% think that the next monarch should be William, compared to just 28% who favour Charles.

Finally, when our sample were asked what they would do if they were the Queen celebrating 60 years, the single most popular word was ‘party’, something that many people will be doing over the long Bank Holiday.


The research was conducted via Vision Critical’s panel on 7th and 8th May, with a sample size of 2007 people.


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