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New ways to produce market research metrics

SEPTEMBER 13, 2011 – Market research companies and the businesses that rely on the consumer information they uncover will soon have a new metric for measuring audience reach.

Nielsen announced that media research accreditation group the Media Rating Council has approved its measurement system for tracking gross rating points for internet display and video advertising, frequency and overnight audience reach.

This is a significant achievement for Nielsen and the industry as a whole. Advertisers and media companies alike are looking to prove the value of online media and advertising, but have lacked a reliable, standard measurement to demonstrate audience delivery against marketing goals,” stated Steve Hasker, the president of Nielsen’s media product and advertiser solutions.

In the company’s announcement, it noted that this is the first internet measurement system to offer online advertising campaign demographic ratings that the MRC has accredited.

Jeff Jarrett, the global director of digital marketing for Kimberly-Clark, said that the industry puts high value in tools that help marketers determine exactly who is receiving and viewing their online campaigns.

Having an easy-to-understand method of gauging who makes up a company’s internet audience and how they respond to products and promotional material may be highly beneficial to everyone, particularly direct marketers. The “traditional” direct marketing companies have had to overcome a challenge in recent years as the focus shifted from printed mediums to the internet and other digital channels, BtoB magazine reports.

One way they have adapted is by relying more heavily on analytics, but until recently, it was difficult to know exactly how consumers were receiving and processing the messages sent out through multichannel campaigns. Technology is evolving to fill this gap in the data, the news source reports, with tools such as KBM Group’s Digital Neighborhoods 2.0 Segmentation Suite, a solution that splits up audiences based on how they interact with digital devices.

Dennis Kooker, the COO and president of KBM, told the news source that his company’s clients were in need of information about their audiences’ “technological sophistication and aspirations, cross-referenced with their demographic profiles.”

Gaining the insight to not only understand an audience, but predict how it may respond and act on the messages sent out, can help businesses adapt and redevelop their marketing strategies.