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A Patch, A Niche, A Disruptor & Something Over The Horizon

I have just posted a white paper and video presentation on the VCU website that looks at key disruptors for the MR industry. However, in this post I wanted to share with you one of each of the patches, niches, disruptors, and over the horizon items covered in the white paper and video.


Patches are things that I think will help us keep conducting market research in the current way until the next generation of tools are ready. One of my four patches is Gamification. Gamification will enable us to hold people’s attention a bit longer, enable us to reach a slightly wider range of people, and will help extend the life of surveys and traditional research processes. This may not sound exciting, but actually, for the MR industry, it is vital, since the new tools are not yet ready to replace the established ways


Niches are useful approaches that will never become a major share of market research turnover. In most cases niches are niches because either their role is too narrow, or because they are not scalable. Neuroscience is one of the niches I write about in the white paper. It only tackles a narrow range of problems (mostly the responses to stimuli) and it is not likely to be scalable in the foreseeable future.

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