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Protecting the Science

Market research is currently awash with new ideas, new methods of data collection, and new challenges. Whilst this is great; it seems to me that too many unsupported, pseudoscientific claims are being made by people who should know better. In moving research forward, there are some basic tenets that need to be respected.

So, rather than just throw stones, here are my ten key points in ensuring that we protect the scientific method that underpins quantitative market research.

(1) The assumptions behind a new method need to be stated

Every method requires some assumptions to be accepted. Providers of research methods should spell out what users are expected to believe.

For example, in social media monitoring the user is often required to believe that those who post are broadly typical of those who do not. With predictive markets the user usually does not have to accept the sample is representative of the population, just that the method has been sufficiently validated (for example, by establishing and testing a theory or by providing relevant benchmarks).

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