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Real-time Emotion Tracking Exposes the Honest Truth About Audience Reactions

Marketers, broadcasters and public speakers take note: your content generates a range of emotional responses from your audience, but not necessarily the ones you’re aiming for. New technology from Vision Critical, a global leader in market research and Customer Insights, can help you perfect your content by exposing the detailed truth behind audience responses.

Media Testing in the Field: Canadian Federal Leadership Debate, April 14, 2011

In a recent study, 1,075 eligible voters participated in a unique screening of the Canadian federal election debate between leaders from the four major political parties. Respondents used Media Testing to watch clips from the debate, indicating their real-time emotional response by clicking on buttons marked with a range of emotions including ‘Happy’, ‘Interested’, ‘Annoyed’, ‘Disturbed’ and ‘Bored’. They were then asked a series of short questions designed to gather additional feedback.

Media Testing was able to demonstrate what content drove which type of emotional response. For example, the level of interest and happiness soared when personal attacks were avoided and the party leaders expressed their ideas more concretely.

The figure below shows a graph of overall respondent reaction to a discussion on coalition governments.

Figure 1 Discussion on Coalition

The following figure shows the second-by-second graph of Annoyed and Disturbed responses to the discussion on coalition.

Figure 2 Real-time reaction during coalition discussion – Annoyed and Disturbed

Using Media Testing to test new audio or video content, producers can determine with great accuracy how their audience responds to every word, image and sound. If the reaction is different than intended, it is easier than ever before to understand why and what to do about it.

The Toronto Star / La Presse commissioned the study referenced above. Watch a video showing the real-time capture of audience responses in Media Testing here. For the complete story in English, read the Toronto Star, and in French, read La Presse.


Read the full release (PDF).


About Media Testing

Media Testing is a web-based media testing platform that allows content producers to capture responses as they happen, in greater depth than previously possible. Instead of relying on conventional dials where respondents merely like or dislike what they hear and see, Media Testing tracks emotional reactions as they happen, on a second-by-second basis, allowing for a profound examination of audience responses to drivers such as boredom, confusion, annoyance and intrigue.

About Vision Critical®

Vision Critical is a global research and technology firm that creates software and services solutions for over 600 clients, including one third of the world’s top 100 brands. The company has offices across North America, Europe and Australia as well as a Global Partner Program that provides other research companies and consultants with access to top-of-the-line technology. Its Sparq™ product is the most widely adopted community panel platform on the planet.