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Research and Result conference to be held in Munich

OCTOBER 13, 2011 – Nearly 150 exhibitors from around the world will be converging in Munich, Germany, from October 26-28 to learn more about the field of market research and about recent developments in the sector. Research & Results 2011 will feature 91 workshops, giving attendees the chance to learn about new tools and case studies regarding methods of gaining insight from analyzing consumers’ online behavior and demands.

Other topics that will be covered during the workshops include data gathering and processing, mobile market research, building customer relationships, pricing research services, using social networks, building target groups and conducting employee surveys.

Those who go to the conference will also have the opportunity to network and learn from others in their sector.

“Take the opportunity to exchange experiences, expand your network and break into new areas of business – for there is no better place to do this than here,” the event organizers advise.

Research & Results, a market research publication, has an underlying mission of advancing “information literacy” in the sector. According to its website, a large share of the magazine’s audience is involved in media and market research, marketing and media planning.