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The Rise of $100-Million B.C. Tech Companies

Guy Kawasaki has made quite a career for himself talking about entrepreneurship, early-stage marketing and venture capital for technology companies. He’s published a great list on his blog, compiled by Scott Shane, a professor at Case Western Reserve University, called the “Top Ten Myths of Entrepreneurship.” The list details the myth that growth projections are usually achieved.

Like Kawasaki and his venture capital firm Garage Technology Ventures, I have reviewed thousands of early-stage business plans over the past 15 years. Each one projected $100 million in sales, sometimes within a year, sometimes within five or six years, but that amount seems to be the benchmark. One hundred million dollars has a nice ring to it, especially when said with a Dr. Evil lilt and a raised pinkie finger….

Here’s the most exciting news: We have one local technology company passing the mark in 2013 and two or three that should do it in 2014. Vision Critical is a private company, but has projected publicly that they will pass that mark this year. There, Angus and Andrew Reid have built a superb team and the firm will truly be a global player in the next generation of market research technology.

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