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Secure search from Google unpopular among the market research, SEO crowd

NOVEMBER 3, 2011 – Marketing analysts and those involved in search engine optimization have long praised Google for its innovation in the field. However, the company – a major component in facilitating online market research and advertising – has recently made some missteps that may have changed that perception among those in the industry, Business Insider reports.

In mid-October, Google released its Safe Search function, which the source explains allows browsers to sign into their accounts before searching for information. It was perhaps good news for the average user, since it somewhat masks how they behave online and what websites they visit, but for those conducting market research or who are trying to measure traffic on their own sites, Safe Search makes the job more difficult.

Business Insider describes the usual process for following click-throughs: The browser usually comes across a website after being presented with a list of sites relevant to his or her search. “Such data is then complied and used to analyze the overall manner in which a website can engage and sustain a browser’s attention,” the source notes.

As Business 2 Community explains, the main difference with the new secure search function is that analytics will still reflect that the visitor started at Google and the click was organic, but won’t provide the keyword which prompted a web user to click through to the website.