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With social, market research gets a leg up

JANUARY 16, 2012 – For businesses that are strictly ecommerce, it can sometimes be even more difficult than usual to get a sense of your audience. All interactions between the consumers and the brand are done over digital channels and there is no physical reminder of the relationship, except for the products that have arrived in the mail.

But just because a company has never met its customers does not mean it can’t do market research. With the popularity of social media platforms and the power of analytical tools that can pick apart consumer behavior on company websites and find meaning, organizations can now piece together a better, more insightful picture of who their customers are and how they make their purchasing decisions.

As Rich Flek writes for Destination CRM, social media websites carry a lot of marketing and research power, particularly Facebook, which he says is now “well on its way to 1 billion” users.

Companies will now be expected to interact with their customers through the networks, delivering them useful applications, entertaining videos and engaging conversation, he notes.

But marketers will also be under pressure to show how these efforts are paying off, he says.

“As social spending continues to grow, marketers will be held more accountable for measuring performance and adjusting strategy to leverage these new insights,” Flek remarks. “Targeted and relevant messaging will rise to the top – accelerating social’s movement to more consumer-focused tactics.”