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Social media campaign monitoring not fully adopted

In order to track the success of a social media campaign, companies should leverage market research tools to gain insight about how to properly utilize the information collected, eMarketer reports.

A recent survey conducted by digital marketing solution company Web Liquid and business development agency RSW/US revealed the ways in which businesses use social media monitoring (SMM) tools to assess philosophy.

Of the 237 senior U.S. marketers polled, 46 percent relied on Google Alerts as their primary monitoring tool. Furthermore, 28 percent of respondents used monitoring to enhance their communications strategies, while 19 percent used it for customer service enhancements, 15 percent used it for media planning and 13 percent used it for organic search optimization.

MarketingProfs notes that in total, 74 percent of marketers are actively using social media monitoring services. However, a mere 24 percent are satisfied with the number of market research tools available, indicating that SMM is still an experimental function for many companies.

It should also be noted that there was a marked difference in satisfaction rates between marketers who paid for their SMM solutions and those who opted for free services. Those who used paid solutions were twice as likely to be satisfied.