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Social media polls used to conduct market research and get consumers involved

AUGUST 25, 2011 – Customer polls and surveys have been an indispensable arrow in advertisers’ market research quiver for decades, but they are now making steady advances in the online environment.

More than two years ago, Web Advantage predicted social networks would begin to play an important role in the world of online surveys and polls.

Polling can be used as more than a way to conduct online market research or measure traffic. The source reported that polls were also working as advertising, with websites such as Facebook adding the tools to their suites of advertising services.

Major brands are incorporating the tactic into their campaigns, Online Social Media reports. Bounce has plans to employ embedded Facebook polls and other social media tools in its “Bounce it Off Millions” campaign, the source says.

The company will feature the four most popular polls in a Facebook ad, and Bounce’s goal is to have its fans on Facebook ask questions and talk about their life decisions with fellow users.