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Social Media Treat Without The Tricks

Even though I used to enjoy a little “Mischief Night” when I was much younger, I’ve decided to keep this article on the treat side. Social media can give you tons of treats and benefits if you know which pitfalls and tricks to avoid.

Funsherpa reports that only 50% of travel companies believe that direct bookings are generated from social media. It seems that social media still does not get as much credit as it deserves. Vision Critical is helping to change that as they report social media drives equal amounts of in-store and online purchases. Their findings also point out that 22% of Twitter users purchase a product after tweeting, retweeting or making it a favorite on Twitter. All of your tweeting has not been in vain as you continue to develop a relationship and build connections with your prospects. It is very likely that many folks not yet on the social media bandwagon are not able to properly measure all of the conversions involving social media. I also believe that some brands complaining about social media having poor results might not have the right social strategy in place to fully evaluate the true potential that blogging, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google +, Instagram and/or YouTube really bring to the table.

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