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Study: Market research could optimize email campaigns

DECEMBER 28, 2011 – Email has proven to be a vital tool in digital marketing campaigns, but a study from Emailvision suggests that many companies are not using their market research and customer data to drive improvements in the channel.

Researchers surveyed more than 700 online marketing managers and found that 89.2 percent believe email has retained its level of importance or has become more valuable than it was just two years ago. However, 85 percent said they were not optimizing their use of customer data, and just one-fifth of respondents said that every email they sent out was personalized. 

“Most online marketing managers are not using the full range of available data to maximize the effectiveness of their messages, but the good news is that marketers clearly understand the importance of data in email marketing,” said Tim Watson, an email marketing specialist and board member with the U.K. Direct Marketing Association.

He added that “visibility and actionable data” would help marketers advance their email campaigns even more in the coming years.

Conducting market research on customer activities and preferences can lead to a much more effective campaign. In addition to helping companies make their emailed messages more meaningful, the data can inform spending decisions in search advertising, display ads, social media outreach and other marketing channels.