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Supplement market research with help from other departments

SEPTEMBER 2, 2011 – Advertising companies that are trying to get a better sense of what their audiences want with market research may also want to obtain internal assistance by surveying their own employees, particularly in the business-to-business marketing sector.

Chief Business Marketer reports that in order to have credibility with the businesses to whom brands are marketing, it’s necessary to have some knowledge of the prospects’ industries.

“You need to be able to answer questions about how your product or solution will meet their business needs,” Stephen Bergmann, senior product marketing manager of Hoover’s, told the news outlet.

For instance, Hoover has enlisted the help of its IT executives when conducting sales calls. The sales manager and sales team work together, with the former focusing on the business aspect of the deal and the latter speaking to the prospective client about the technological details.

Inter-departmental cooperation is also important for moving beyond prospective sales to achieving results. As David Lowndes of Iron Mountain Fulfillment Services writes for BtoB magazine, “Sales and marketing need to agree on how to define qualified leads as well as on a process for managing them.”

Quickly following up on leads generated by marketing will likely result in greater business success.