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Telephone technology assists market research

August 23, 2011

VANCOUVER, BC – Market researchers have a new way to garner customer information from people who go “off the grid” and use a telephone rather than an online form. 

It’s fairly simple to track how a prospective client found a company when he or she discovers the website through a search engine or social network and completes a registration form. Yet it becomes more challenging to document what marketing method inspired a customer to act when he or she calls in, BtoB magazine reports.

“When I got a phone call, I didn’t know if it was from my online efforts, PR, word-of-mouth or some other marketing vehicle that generated the phone call,” James D. Murphy, CEO of corporate training provider Afterburner Inc., told the news source. Then the company adopted a technology that processes phone calls as data and logs what form of advertising drew the consumer in.

Murphy said the technology helped complete the marketing picture and allowed his company to get a better sense of which advertising efforts were proving most effective.

Some sectors employ audio marketing as a key part of their promotional strategies. Healthcare facilities use audio marketing to communicate with their audience as a supplement to or in lieu of “viewable material,” as Harvey Edleman of message service provider Holdcom writes on Becker’s Hospital Review.