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Turn Feedback Into Interaction

The word on the street these days is that customer engagement is 2013’s buzzword. Every CMO wants to increase engagement to drive retention.  A large part of the customer engagement process is gathering consumer insights and translating those insights into real and meaningful business decisions.

While it’s possible to build engagement when gathering insights, it’s also incredibly easy to break engagement down and have customers running for the hills if the process is done wrong.

In the past decade, free and fast online research tools have enabled every corner of the organization to design surveys and be customer facing. As such, the customer relationship is in the hands of more people within an organization than ever before.  But many customers are tired of being bombarded with everything from customer satisfaction surveys to polls. A New York Times article published last year noted that consumer patience may be fraying under the onslaught.  Journalist William Grimes says the constant nagging to take online surveys has led to survey fatigue and declining response rates.

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