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Twitter rolls out new tools to help market research, analytics

FEBRUARY 1, 2012 – Those specializing in data science and market research will have a new way of analyzing the results of their social media programs, as Twitter recently announced it would be releasing a suite of tools over the coming months, Read Write Web reports.

In making the announcement, Twitter’s news and journalism manager, Erica Anderson, said publishers would now be able to see how their tweets spread across the site. She also noted that being able to assess a large number of tweets would aid in predicting consumer behaviors. 

“The predictive nature of Twitter is still largely untapped,” Anderson said, as quoted by the news source.

As Advertising Age reports, Twitter is developing other marketing tools as well, and will soon be introducing enhanced brand profile pages to more of its advertising partners that spend a minimum of $25,000 on trends and promoted tweets.

The source explains that the special profiles will allow companies to feature their logos or to keep a particular tweet at the top of the page even as newer posts are added.

Twitter’s chief revenue officer, Adam Bain, admitted in a December interview with the news outlet that the short nature of tweets limited companies’ ability to connect with consumers and gain insight from them.

“When consumers want to learn more, spend more time, or get deeper in terms of engagement, we think they’ll end up on the brand page,” he said.

Monitoring Twitter and other social media websites is a great way to learn more about the customers a company wants to target. Marketing Pilgrim notes that the same factors the Federal Bureau of Investigation uses to when reviewing social media to look for crime hot spots or find criminals can be applied to marketing and advertising. For instance, one restaurant chain was able to gauge public response to a new cocktail and temper the recipe to suit its patrons’ preferences.

Social networks can also be tapped to “listen in” on consumers’ social network conversations and catch criticism, the news source notes, as Dell Computers did to convert one-third of critics into customers.

“The dialogue in social media moves so quickly that any social media monitoring tool needs the capability to search, gather and analyze the conversation in real time,” the website observes. By getting up-to-the-minute results on what consumers are saying, companies can tweak their marketing efforts to fit the current atmosphere and mood.