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Vision Critical® and Demoskopea Introduce Online and Social Media Research Event to Top Brands in Milan

Milan, Italy – More than 70 representatives from top Italian and international brands gathered in the landmark Milan Stock Exchange to attend Vision Critical and Demoskopea’s Online and Social Media Event. The well-attended event focused on the important role of online community panels in market research. “The growing importance to anticipate the consumer’s changing needs makes the immediate feedback from community panels an extraordinary strategic tool for businesses.” states Antonella Massari, senior executive vice president of UniCredit Group. Vision Critical’s executive vice president Ray Poynter, a keynote speaker and the author of Handbook of Online and Social Media Research, presented the latest trends in market research methodologies and showcased the rapid changes brought by proliferation of social media. Italian consumers embrace new technology with enthusiasm, especially mobile Internet and use of social media. It should be noted that Italy has one of the largest mobile phone markets in Europe and one of the highest mobile internet penetration in the world. Dinko Svetopetric, Director of European Partnership at Vision Critical showed the audience why now is the right time for Italy to join the online and community revolution. Svetopetric told the audience that “It’s like having a room full of your best customers next door, and it’s always on!” – a message that was quickly picked up by leading Italian financial reporter il Sole 24 Ore. The Online and Social Media Event was organised by Demoskopea who recently announced that they were partnering with Vision Critical to bring community panels to Italy. “We are thrilled to see such a significant number of leading Italian companies interested in community panels.“ says Fabrizio Angelini, Director of Demoskopea. “Today’s event demonstrates Italy is at a tipping point of recognizing a fresh and engaging way of listening to customers.” About Demoskopea SPA Demoskopea is a major privately owned Italian independent research group, with over 45 years of activity and a network of international partnership. The Digital Intelligence Division is focused on netnography and in developing new research techniques through augmented reality and internet applications. About Vision Critical Vision Critical pairs the world’s leading market research specialists with the most innovative software developers, marrying the precision of market research with the speed and power of online technology. Serving over 600 global brands through offices across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, Vision Critical creates powerful software and research solutions like Sparq™, the world’s leading community panel program. Follow Vision Critical on Twitter at!/visioncritical