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Vision Critical Head Office Moves from Yaletown to Coal Harbour

VC office moves to Coal Harbour 1

The global company’s Vancouver-based staff has doubled since 2009, making new, larger headquarters a necessity.

Community Panel and research technology provider Vision Critical has relocated its Vancouver head office, from Yaletown to Granville Square.

Founded in 2000 by Andrew Reid, Vision Critical currently serves over 500 clients in the area of online platforms for customer research and citizen engagement through offices across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The company employs more than 500 people around the world, and its Vancouver office was located at 858 Beatty Street—in Vancouver’s Yaletown neighbourhood—for the past six years.

VC office moves to Coal Harbour 2

“We enjoyed our time at Yaletown and certainly felt that our presence in Vancouver was appropriately advertised with great building signage,” said Vision Critical Executive Chairman Angus Reid. “But our staff has grown from 140 to 285 full-time employees in Vancouver over the past three years, which meant that we had to look for new offices.”
Granville Square, located at 200 Granville Street, has been a fixture of Vancouver’s waterfront landscape since 1973. Vision Critical employees will now enjoy the benefits of being located next to Waterfront Station where they can access the growing transportation services of Metro Vancouver.