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Vision Critical Introduces Expanded Online Global Package-Testing Suite

Virtual PackTest Features Immersive Virtual Shopping and Groundbreaking Online Reporting Tools
Vision Critical, a pioneer in the development of proprietary community panels, virtual shopping environments and technology-fueled research methods, announced today the introduction of Virtual PackTest, an expanded suite of online, virtual shopping-based package- testing services that feature immersive simulated shopping exercises and interactive online reporting tools. Designed to quantify the impact of graphics, architecture and structural changes using rapid online data collection and nationally representative sampling, Virtual PackTest provides a range of solutions from individual ad hoc studies to enterprise-wide, globally scalable testing platforms. 
“Packaging is a leading contributor of brand identity and arguably the single-most important element of at-shelf purchase decisions. Without proper testing, minute design details can damage a brand and hurt sales – so getting it right is not a trivial matter”, said Matt Kleinschmit, SVP of Vision Critical’s Consumer, Shopper and Retail Insights practice. “Virtual PackTest leverages nearly a decade of validated virtual shopping-based expertise to provide clients with a rapid, globally scalable online package testing solution that accurately predicts sales, quantifies brand opportunity and mitigates risk”.
The Virtual PackTest suite employs virtual technology and computer-generated environments to mimic the in-store experience, engage consumers and quantify package performance on-shelf. And unlike many package testing methodologies currently available, Virtual PackTest utilizes online data collection for large, representative national sampling, rapid turnaround and in-depth consumer sub-group analysis. A flexible, multifaceted analytic framework quantifies breakthrough and purchase at-shelf, with innovative ‘virtual eye-tracking’ and automated verbatim analysis revealing rational and emotional benefit effectiveness and brand communication impact. Virtual PackTest also provides clients with a breakthrough interactive online reporting system and diagnostic refinement tools for ongoing actionability, global norms database and full volumetric forecasting of package sales potential.
“Over the past several years many of our clients have completed side-by-side tests that use Vision Critical’s online virtual-shopping based package testing approaches alongside more traditional central location methods that are widely accepted as industry standards”, said Kleinschmit. “What they have discovered was quite remarkable. Not only did the Vision Critical package testing approaches produce similar results in terms of rational and emotional benefit effectiveness in a fraction of the time, but the Vision Critical virtual shopping-based approach also allowed them to quantify the impact of the package change on brand sales and source of volume, creating a holistic understanding of package performance in market. When coupled with large nationally representative samples inherent in online data collection and our new interactive online reporting system that fuels creative refinements prior to launch, we feel Virtual PackTest is a groundbreaking package testing solution that can help clients to quantify the risk and opportunity to their brand for new graphics, creative, structure and communications hierarchies.”
For more information on Virtual PackTest, please click here.