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Vision Critical Introduces New Customer Experience Management Platform

Real-Time Analysis and Reporting Technology Enables Enterprises to Respond to Market Opportunities and Strengthen Customer Relationships

NEW YORK, NY – September 21, 2011 – Vision Critical, a leading global technology and research firm introduced today the Vision Critical Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform. This breakthrough technology automates the collection and integration of data from customer surveys, CRM, transactional databases and social media to deliver in real-time a clear, holistic view of the total customer experience that an organization is providing to customers.

Despite an unprecedented ability to gather feedback, companies struggle with making sense of all the data collected and need guidance on how to share this data intelligently and securely throughout the organization. The Vision Critical CEM platform solves this challenge by providing an intuitive system that allows companies to organize, analyze and share enterprise-wide feedback quickly and efficiently, delivering usable, context-sensitive information to decision makers. The CEM platform also includes industry leading visual questions that increase response rates and are unparalleled at engaging customers, which results in better quality feedback.

“Vision Critical automated the collection and integration of data from surveys, databases, social media and CRM programs,” said Andrew Reid, president of Vision Critical. “Our CEM platform builds a holistic view of each individual’s customer’s relationship within the organization. The insights garnered can trigger targeted and timely action so businesses can constantly fine tune their customers’ experiences. From store managers to CEOs, Vision Critical CEM is the backbone of any serious Customer Experience program.”

According to Forrester Research “Companies now have more data on their customers than ever before, from surveys to social media, web analytics, and transactional data. However, most firms lack the structure and process to translate disparate data sources into a holistic view of the customer. As companies become more customer-centric, market insights professionals must evolve their role to meet the needs of organizations that constantly collect customer data from multiple channels and methods.” (Preparing For The Intelligent Enterprise: A Blueprint for Market Insights Professionals / Why Market Insights + Customer Intelligence = Competitive Advantage, Forrester research Inc., April 29, 2011)

About Vision Critical

Vision Critical pairs the world’s leading market research specialists with the most innovative software developers, marrying the speed and power of on-line technology with the precision of market research. Serving over 600 global brands through offices across North America, Europe, Australia and our Global Partner program, Vision Critical creates powerful software and research solutions like Sparq™, the world’s leading community panel platform. Follow Vision Critical on Twitter at!/visioncritical.