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Vision Critical launches Sparq® 3, a reimagined customer intelligence platform that delivers unprecedented power to insight communities

The only platform in the market with Relationship Memory™ to build deeper, richer and more authentic customer relationships that drive better quality insight for customer-led decisions


Vancouver, Canada – Vision Critical, which enables the world’s largest brands to build communities of customers that provide ongoing insight, today announced the official release of its new customer intelligence platform, Sparq® 3.

“The new Sparq 3 platform offers the most powerful set of features available for insight communities in the market today,” said Divesh Sisodraker, President and Chief Product Officer for Vision Critical. “Through the power of Relationship Memory™ – the ability to connect what you already know about your customers with information you collect from your insight community, and then to use that information to learn more about customers over time – we improve the quality of insight with every engagement.”


Use Relationship Memory to build authentic customer relationships that deepen over time

Sparq 3 enables organizations to continually build and deepen their relationships with their customers with every interaction, making the platform more valuable with each use. Information provided by members remains in the platform, producing dynamic profiles that expand and change as time goes by, reflecting changes in their lives, attitudes, behaviors, preferences, activities and needs. Community managers can use this profile information and historical participation to microtarget specific groups of members for follow-up activities and ensure that communication with members remains relevant and engaging.

The retained history in the Sparq 3 platform allows organizations to quickly search and collect information that may have been gathered across multiple activities from many different segments to answer new questions without starting from scratch. They may uncover the information they need even without initiating new activities.


Access quality insight faster and more easily

The Sparq 3 platform has been re-engineered to deliver the most intuitive, user-friendly experience across the full spectrum of intelligence gathering, from branding, to activity creation, to analysis and sharing results with stakeholders. Sparq 3 delivers faster insight at a lower overall cost.

For Sam Trimboli, consumer insights specialist at Price Chopper, a New York-based grocer with 135 stores,  the improved usability in Sparq 3 is changing the way he works.

“We’re able to do multiple smaller activities on a single topic rather than one large one, which offers several advantages,” said Sam Trimboli. “It provides us with better insight by enabling us to focus on the most relevant results and then dig in deeper with follow-up activities, making the whole process more agile and offering a far better experience for our community members.”

With easier, faster access to community members, customers are better able to employ best practices in customer engagement, which deliver better response rates, richer customer profiles, higher quality insight and more authentic relationships.


Connect Sparq 3 with other business systems for a complete understanding of customers

Most organizations have multiple sources of customer information, each providing a single, siloed point of view with little or no context. This may be demographic data from a CRM, for example, or transactional data from a point-of-sale system. Typically, this provides a snapshot of a customer at a specific point in time – it shows what customers are doing (ie., purchased x, returned y), or their status in a profile variable (ie., single, married, divorced).

Sparq 3 enables brands to add context to these other sources of data through web-standard and RESTful APIs that support frictionless integration with enterprise systems like CRM and loyalty databases. Transactions can be viewed in the light of recent changes to a customer profile, for example, and then activities can be deployed to provide additional information about attitudes and motivations for a more holistic view of the customer’s relationship with a brand.

By using an insight community powered by Sparq 3 to expand the view of the customer, organizations improve the quality of the insight they have to make customer-led business decisions.


Enterprise-grade security

In a global environment of data breaches and privacy considerations, Sparq 3 stands alone as an enterprise-grade insight community platform.  Sparq 3 features encrypted sessions and data storage, secure data centers with redundancy, and a dedicated security and operations team that continuously monitors and improves Sparq 3 security.

In addition, Sparq 3 is SOC 2 certified, and independently evaluated for security on an ongoing basis to ensure it stays ahead of emerging threats.


Availability and migration

Sparq 3 is available now with plans to upgrade all existing customers by the end of the year. As of today, over 50 customers have been upgraded through the early access program.

Please visit the Vision Critical website for more information about how the Sparq 3 customer intelligence platform provides higher quality customer insight for better business decisions.


About Vision Critical

Vision Critical provides a cloud-based customer intelligence platform that allows companies to build engaged, secure communities of customers they can use continuously, across the enterprise, for ongoing, real-time feedback and insight. Designed for today’s always-on, social and mobile savvy customer, Vision Critical’s technology helps large, customer-centric enterprises discover what their customers want so they can deliver what they need. Unlike traditional customer research, which is slow, expensive and gathers dust on a shelf, Vision Critical’s customer intelligence platform replaces static data and cumbersome reports with real-time actionable customer intelligence that companies need to build better products, deliver better services and achieve better business outcomes.

Hundreds of high-performance organizations use Vision Critical’s technology. Follow us on Twitter at

“Sparq” and “Relationship Memory” are trademarks of Vision Critical.