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Vision Critical Launches Sports Fan Council – Transforming Fan Intelligence for the Age of the Empowered Customer

Built on Vision Critical’s customer intelligence platform, the Sports Fan Council solution revolutionizes how sports teams engage today’s digitally-savvy fans for insight

Now sports teams can harness the collective wisdom of their fans to tackle key business challenges

Recognized professional sports organizations like the New York Knicks, Toronto Maple Leafs, NASCAR and the Australian Football League use Vision Critical’s platform to engage their fans for actionable insight


Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA – February 25, 2015Vision Critical, the leading customer intelligence platform provider, today launched Sports Fan Council, transforming fan intelligence for the age of the empowered customer. As fans continue to consume sports entertainment across a variety of digital platforms, traditional revenue models are breaking down. The Sports Fan Council solution is designed to help sports organizations address the key business challenges affecting teams today, including declining ticket sales, decreased fan engagement and loyalty, fragmented corporate and media partnerships, and stagnant merchandise sales. Recognized teams and leagues have turned to Vision Critical’s platform to help them harness the collective wisdom of their fans, including the New York Knicks, New York Rangers, Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors, NASCAR and the Australian Football League (AFL).


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ABOVE: Demo Sports Fan Council log-in page for fans
BELOW: Demo Sports Fan Council welcome page for fans



The Sports Fan Council Solution Transforms Fan Engagement for the Digital Age

The North American sports market is expected to grow to $70.7 billion in 2018, according to PwC. Sports organizations are increasingly under pressure to deliver the ultimate fan experience in a new and challenging media landscape. Unlike in previous decades, sports fans now have many local and global entertainment options available to them through a variety of media outlets. Today’s empowered customers are also extremely mobile, demanding on-the-go viewing selections.


Built on the Vision Critical customer intelligence platform, Sports Fan Council enables sports teams to better understand fan behaviors and preferences in order to help them overcome common obstacles facing today’s sports market. The Sports Fan Council solution is an online community made up of thousands of fans and used by teams to capture feedback over time in order to make improvements and enrich the fan experience. The solution is programmed with fan engagement activities and analysis in order to help teams increase fan satisfaction and loyalty, improve ticket sales, maintain and secure corporate and media partnerships, and leverage fan creativity to improve existing products and effectively release new ones.


With Sports Fan Council teams can now:


Vision Critical’s Sports Fan Council Helps Teams Understand What Fans Want so They Can Deliver What They Need
Sports Fan Council is available as an add-on solution to existing Vision Critical Insight Community customers and as part of a Vision Critical Insight Community product offer for new customers. Sports teams using the Sports Fan Council solution will experience the benefits of having a two-way dialogue with their fans for insight used to influence impactful decisions. The solution allows teams to build member profiles for fans as they evolve, deploy regular fan engagement projects, leverage the sports fan intelligence library pre-programmed with fan activities created to address the key challenge areas for sports teams, analyze member feedback and share actionable insight with key stakeholders to drive better business outcomes.

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