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Vision Critical Offers Accreditation and Certification Program for Progressive Customer Insights Professionals

Vision Critical Academy ensures users are easily – and confidently – putting customers at the core of material business decisions

Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA – December 5, 2018 – Vision Critical today announced a customizable professional accreditation and certification program as part of Vision Critical Academy, its collaborative learning environment. Now customers, partners, and employees can become certified on the leading customer intelligence platform, Sparq. Through years of growth in Vision Critical’s customer base, the enterprise software company distilled key pillars of a core curriculum to benefit progressive customer insights professionals. These users are relied upon to provide timely, relevant insight to their businesses. Now, with Vision Critical Academy, they can access trainings 24/7 on the topics they need to be fluent in, ensuring that direct interactions with their community can shorten the feedback loop that improves business outcomes.  


The Vision Critical Academy leads users through 28 focused and digestible classes (sub-45 minutes in length) that fall within three key pillars: Theory and Value Strategy, Plan and Design, and Use and Execute. The classes cover important lessons in:


“In customers’ increasingly noisy digital lives, progressive insights professionals understand they must unlock engagement authentically. These are professionals who can’t do their jobs effectively with ad-hoc and expensive surveying, slow and ineffective legacy research methodologies, nor with customer data that is becoming increasingly difficult to access and share,” said Kelly Hall, Chief Customer Officer, Vision Critical. “These users are hungry to put the customer at the core of material business decisions and, in the process, elevate customer relationships from transactional to impactful. By enabling professional development for them, Vision Critical is ensuring these insights professionals are able to truly ‘walk the walk’ of customer-centricity.”


Soft launched in March 2018, the Vision Critical Academy served nearly 1,000 users in its first six months via recorded sessions and virtual instructor-led training (vILT), resulting in unprecedented engagement rates up to 60 percent across their insight communities. As a result, this lead to statistically actionable insights brands can leverage to build better products and services, personalize marketing campaigns, and create better experiences that strengthen the customer journey, improve brand loyalty, and increase lifetime value.


“Today, senior executives are prioritizing a deeper understanding of their customers gleaned from both operational and experiential data. At Vision Critical, we deliver on this via opt-in, information sharing relationships that continue for years. This level of engagement at scale results in incomparable insight into customer needs and market opportunity,” said Scott Miller, Chief Executive Officer, Vision Critical. “The Vision Critical Academy provides a learning path for insight, customer experience and product innovation professionals to master this agile customer-centric method for transforming their businesses.”

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About Vision Critical

Vision Critical provides customer relationship intelligence software that enables large enterprises to be fast, responsive and customer-centric. With its unique, relationship-based approach, Vision Critical’s Sparq platform lets brands directly interact with communities of opted-in customers. Unlike traditional voice of customer methods, Vision Critical unlocks the real-time feedback that companies need to build better products, deliver better services and achieve better business outcomes hand in hand with their own highly-engaged, well-profiled customers.


Hundreds of high-performing organizations across multiple industries use Vision Critical’s technology, including BuzzFeed, Aurora Health Care, LinkedIn, and more. To learn more about Vision Critical, follow us on Twitter or visit us at