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Vision Critical Partners with N Dynamic to Further Expand Footprint in Greater China

Trend on Rapid Uptake of Insight Communities Continues across Asia

HONG KONG – May 24, 2013 – Vision Critical, the leading provider of insight community technologies, today announced a partnership with N Dynamic Market Research and Consultancy, a full service market research agency recognized as the only member representing China in the world’s largest association of independent market research agencies network IRIS. Through this partnership, Vision Critical continues to expand the availability of its insight community technologies, with N Dynamic now offering this solution to its clients and prospects across Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China.

Popular amongst businesses and organizations worldwide, Vision Critical Insight Communities enable businesses and organizations to engage directly with hundreds to tens of thousands of customers on an ongoing basis to gain feedback and insights. Through this innovative approach and one of the fastest growing methods to research globally, clients are able to gather, analyze and translate customer feedback into quick and meaningful business decisions. 

“The market research industry has undergone dramatic changes in the last decade. The diffusion of digital and online technologies spurred the developments of many innovative methods and tools to meet the clients’ demand for faster turnaround, more reliable results and deeper insights into their customers. Vision Critical Insight Communities lead the pack in this regard. We are excited to partner up with Vision Critical to offer our clients the best services and technologies available in the market,” said Ted Chan, director, N Dynamic Market Research and Consultancy.

“We are pleased to have N Dynamic as our newest partner in Greater China. The partnership combines Vision Critical’s leading insight communities with N Dynamic’s experience in conducting research across the region,” said Bruce Wells, president and managing director of Vision Critical in Asia. “Insight communities empower businesses by injecting the voice of the customer into the everyday decision making process. Our clients can gain immediate access to the opinions, needs and expectations of tens of thousands of their customers instantaneously to make better and more informed business decisions.”

This partnership continues the trend on the rapid uptake of Vision Critical’s insight communities across Asia, following the recent partnership established with Dentsu in Japan. According to the 2012 GreenBook Research Industry Trends report, online communities research is expected to grow and account for 15 to 25 percent of all research spend worldwide. 

About N Dynamics Market Research & Consultancy

N Dynamic is a full service market research company headquartered in Shanghai. N Dynamic was founded in the year 2001 by a group senior market researchers and marketers with over twenty years of related experiences in Greater China. We are dedicated to providing tailor-made, pertinent research design delivering actionable solutions to resolve our clients’ business problems. To achieve this aim, we continuously introduce and bring innovative tools and new research methods into China. For more information, please visit our website at

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