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Vision Critical puts relationships at the center of customer intelligence with expanded vision for Sparq® 3 platform


New product innovations introduced at the Customer Intelligence Summit include artificial intelligence applications to optimize engagement, integration with best-in-class intelligence tools, and an enterprise-grade content sharing platform to drive value to community members and internal stakeholders


Vancouver, Canada – Vision Critical today introduced new product innovations in its Sparq® 3 customer intelligence platform, designed to facilitate more authentic relationships with customers and drive higher quality insight to inform better business decisions. These innovations – which include a leading insight and content sharing solution to engage customers and applications that use artificial intelligence to improve insight quality – were introduced at the Customer Intelligence Summit in Washington D.C. The company also featured three new collaborations in its ecosystem of best-in-class technologies, made possible by the uniquely open Sparq 3 platform.

“Every interaction a company has with its customers is part of building the customer relationship, and the process of gathering insight is no exception,” said Divesh Sisodraker, President, Chief Product Officer for Vision Critical. “Every innovation we are building into the Sparq 3 platform is aimed at making it easier for our customers to focus on building relationships, while making the platform more flexible, more scalable, faster and easier to use.”


Optimize engagement with artificial intelligence: CRIS

Vision Critical is unveiling a proprietary suite of artificial intelligence applications powered by Relationship Memory™ – called Customer Relationship Intelligence Science, or CRIS. Built to optimize engagement and enable deeper insight for faster decision-making, CRIS will, in its first version, review community activities and offer recommendations for fine-tuning activities within the Sparq platform. Developments for future versions include dynamic segmentation and recommendations around third party activities that leverage Relationship Memory. Rollout of CRIS to current customers will begin in Q4.


Reach customers where they are: Social Deployments

Two new ways of deploying activities offer customers the ability to engage community members where they are, in ways they prefer. In collaboration with VC Labs, a new add-on to the Sparq platform enables customers to reach their community members through Facebook Messenger if that is the channel they prefer. A similar integration enables customers to engage community members through WeChat, the leading messaging service in China.


Put relationships at the heart of your customer intelligence technology stack: SurveyGizmo and Remesh integrations

Sparq 3 now delivers the power of Relationship Memory to the heart of any customer intelligence technology stack with third-party integrations. The first of these to be announced are SurveyGizmo and Remesh.

SurveyGizmo is a powerful, survey and data insights platform that offers user-friendly data collection tools for understanding your customers, markets, and employees in real time and communicating this information across an organization. Sparq’s integration with SurveyGizmo enables customers to take advantage of SurveyGizmo’s enterprise-level research features while building deep customer profiles for better quality, longer term insight into their customers. Early adopters will have access to the SurveyGizmo integration in Q4, with full availability expected in Q1 2018.

“Our clients already understand the value of customer intelligence. They know how critical it is to informing their business decisions,” said Christian Vanek, CEO of SurveyGizmo. “Adding Relationship Memory to what they’re already doing offers a whole new level of insight along with a clearer view of how their customers are evolving and changing over time. It’s a game changer, and we are excited to collaborate with Vision Critical to offer a best-in-class solution for brands to better understand their customers.”

The Remesh platform uses machine learning and natural language processing to understand and engage groups of people through real-time conversation. The integration of Remesh with Sparq will enable more sophisticated targeting and analysis based on deep, constantly evolving customer profiles on any profile variable available. The result is the capability to conduct live conversations with groups of any size and gain insight from thousands of open-ended answers in minutes. Remesh integrations are available immediately.

SurveyGizmo and Remesh integrations represent the beginning of an ecosystem of best-in-class tools customers can use with Sparq 3. Additionally, customers are now able to build their own integrations to allow them to leverage and contribute to Relationship Memory with any third-party tool they choose.


Engage locally, view globally: Connected Communities

Connected Communities is built for organizations to manage insight communities across multiple functions and locations. It enables teams to seamlessly and flexibly manage activities, analyze insight, and manage multiple communities together, while maintaining a unique branded experience for each. Relationship Memory and profile variables are centralized to provide a comprehensive global view and deeper analysis, while a streamlined workflow enables teams to deploy activities, manage insight, and continually engage community members at scale. Upgrades to Connected Communities are currently being rolled out to customers.


Deliver value back to valued customers: Member Hubs

Simplify the process of curating and sharing insight and other content with community members. Community managers can share insight from Sparq with a single click, and can easily tag and share content from around the web through a variety of channels – including email, web, and social networks – driving stronger engagement and collaboration with their members. Member engagement can be tracked and measured within Member Hubs to provide valuable information on community health. Rollout of Member Hubs will be phased through the fourth quarter of 2017.


Avoid the insight graveyard and push customer intelligence enterprise-wide: Sparq Share

Significant updates are coming to Sparq Share, the stakeholder hub first introduced by Vision Critical last year. As with Member Hubs, community managers will be able to curate and distribute insight across the organization, improving engagement with stakeholders and ensuring that the insight gathered from customers is made available to decision makers. Upgrades to Sparq Share will begin in Q4 2017.


Learn more at the Customer Intelligence Summit Hub

For more information and in-depth views of the new product features introduced today at the Customer Intelligence Summit, please visit the Summit Hub.


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Vision Critical provides customer relationship intelligence software that improves customer relationships to grow customer lifetime value. Designed for today’s always-on, social and mobile savvy customer, Vision Critical’s technology helps large, customer-centric enterprises discover what their customers want so they can deliver what they need. Unlike traditional customer research, which is slow, expensive and gathers dust on a shelf, Vision Critical’s customer intelligence platform replaces static data and cumbersome reports with real-time actionable customer intelligence that companies need to build better products, deliver better services and achieve better business outcomes.

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