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Vision Critical Reaches Milestone with 500th Community Panel

Global research and technology firm Vision Critical® has reached a unique milestone by installing its 500th online community panel on the Sparq platform.

Since its creation in 2000, Vision Critical has been at the forefront of a transformation in the market research industry, developing sophisticated online platforms to conduct better and faster research, and providing accurate analysis and insight from an integrated team of experts. Vision Critical’s proprietary platform Sparq—the most widely adopted community panel platform on the planet—manages online communities, private panels and online surveys, and allows companies to speak to their customers directly in order to make decisions.

One third of the world’s 100 biggest global brands have relied on Sparq to engage with customers, test ideas, assess ads, poll public opinion and make better business decisions. Vision Critical also hosts an annual Panel Summit, where the leading minds in panel management come together to share insight and collaboration. In the past three years, a “Panel of the Year Award” has been conferred to Banana Republic, NASCAR and MassMutual.

“Our commitment to establishing the best practices in community panel management has been rewarded with 500 successful installations of Sparq,” said Andrew Reid, President and Founder of Vision Critical. “Unlike traditional one off surveys or primitive survey tools, Sparq provides users with continuous, immediate and ongoing feedback on customer attitudes and expectations.”

Sparq features easy survey creation with features that keep respondents engaged, as well as dynamic reporting that allows users to delve into cross-study reports, tweak weights and set up filters to build tables and charts instantly.

“Our 500th panel shows that the premise of combining the power of web technology with the discipline and science of professional survey research has benefitted a growing roster of clients,” said Angus Reid, CEO of Vision Critical. “Our community panels have an average response rate of 51 per cent, easily outperforming access panels and archaic research methods.”

Vision Critical offers a wide range of software products, research services and business solutions to facilitate reliable, cost-effective and timely market research in the online world. The firm currently serves more than 600 clients around the world, with its unique combination of technology and research, and employs more than 450 researchers, software developers and respondent engagement specialists in offices located in Canada, the United States, Britain, France and Australia.

Vision Critical’s total revenues for 2010 were up 36 per cent over 2009, maintaining its position as one of the fastest growing companies in the Market Research industry.

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