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Vision Critical Releases List of America’s Top 10 Most Financially Promising Pure Play Brands

Costco, Cisco and Michael Kors Ranked as Top Three Based on Consumer Perceptions and Financial Indicators 

NEW YORK – April 18, 2013 – Vision Critical, the leading provider of insight community technologies, today released its list of America’s top 10 most financially promising pure play brands based on new Brand Equity Relationship Assessment (BERA) findings. Vision Critical’s BERA platform provides brands with voice of the market, voice of the customer, valuation and investment analytics. When combined with Vision Critical Insight Communities, BERA is able to dive even deeper by enabling in-market testing and offering visibility into what marketing mix levers brands need to pull for optimal results.

BERA continuously evaluates 4,000 brands across the U.S. with approximately 20,000 weekly respondents. Recently, BERA took a snapshot of pure play brands to find that Costco presently tops the list in having a positive brand relationship and is best positioned for future financial success. Respondents weighed in on whether or not they would consider buying from a brand and if they felt the brand has a positive future. Consumer insights were then linked with financial data, captured from publically available corporate financial information, to estimate brand worth.

Five of the top 10 most financially promising U.S. pure play brands in order are:

  1. Costco
  2. Cisco
  3. Movado
  4. Columbia
  5. Couch

In order to illustrate where pure play brands fall on the BERA relationship lifecycle, the top 10 most promising brand categories were also analyzed and ranked. In looking at both pure play and diversified brands, BERA identified that the tablet, automobile and travel booking categories held the greatest opportunities for future success. Out of the 10 most promising brand categories, BERA found that consumers are in the beginning phases of their relationship with tablets, charities and watches/jewelry. When pure play brands are located within categories that hold the greatest opportunities for future success and are in the new and exciting phase of the consumer-brand relationship, such as Michael Kors and Movado, they are extremely well positioned to achieve future financial and reputational success.

10 Most Promising Brands

“We are in the age of the customer where insights are increasingly important in determining the future success of a brand. When insights are coupled with BERA’s proprietary measurement technology, the result can bridge the gap between marketing and finance for brands,” said Scott Miller, group CEO of Vision Critical. “Customer intelligence will be a key driver for pure play brands on this list as they look to improve their future financial success.”

Built on Vision Critical Insight Community technologies, BERA is the largest provider of brand insights in the market today, delivering the most complete economic brand assessment. Providing a 360-degree view of a brand, BERA helps marketing and finance professionals understand the drivers of brand value and why values change over time. BERA identifies consumer perceptions of a brand’s product features, pricing, communication, distribution and service across a range of categories at a global, national and local level. The platform is built on a proprietary numerical tracking system where brand value is measured on a relationship scale illustrated from dating to divorce.

For a complete listing of the top 10 most financially promising pure play brands, download the report:

Search a database of 4,000 brands to see how they fare on the BERA relationship lifecycle in real time:


From February 25, 2013 through March 1, 2013, Vision Critical’s BERA measured 4,000 brands across a national U.S. representative sample of 20,000 respondents (Tru Sample certified). BERA then filtered for pure play brands across 200 categories to see how consumers felt about specific industry sectors. For the purposes of this report, a pure play brand was identified as a public company with 80 percent of sales generated from one brand. To identify a short list of pure play brands, BERA filtered across two leading indicators surrounding consumer perceptions by asking respondents that do not buy a brand today, if they would greatly consider buying it in the future and if respondents felt the brand has a bright future. The feedback was then linked to publicly available financial records of pure play brands. The survey was built on Vision Critical’s proprietary technologies and was conducted via mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Top 10 pure play brands were then mapped on the BERA relationship lifecycle, which is measured on consumer salience, intimacy, competitive uniqueness and how meaningful the consumer relationship is across 4,000 brands from 200 categories. These metrics and more are measured across the Vision Critical proprietary survey technology platform. Brand selection for BERA reporting is based on covering 75 percent of a category based on market share.