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Vision Critical University Launches to Share Thought Leadership in Market Research
Vision Critical, a leading global consumer insights solutions firm, announced today the launch of an initiative to share a large proportion of its best practices and thought leadership with the market.   The aim of the project to make this knowledge available online so that it is easily accessible to clients, partners, academics, the research community, and to people with no prior knowledge of market research.
The material is organized as Vision Critical University (VCU) and can be accessed at The project will take about two years to complete, but the first phase, looking at topics such as community panels and mobile research, is already available online and is already attracting visitors. Angus Reid, Executive Chairman of Vision Critical is responsible for starting this initiative and said “We see Vision Critical University as a major program for us and a major contribution to the research community; we want to drive standards, knowledge, and performance up, benefitting clients, providers, and customers.”
VCU is being curated by a team of Vision Critical staff, headed by Ray Poynter and Laura Davies. Poynter describes the medium-term vision for VCU as being “Vision Critical’s home for all of our knowledge, learning, and teaching. We aim to share as much as of our material, with as wide a group of relevant people, as time and prudence allow.
Laura Davies has been encouraging people to visit the site and comments “The site has been available in beta for a couple of months now and we are thrilled with the response we’ve had already, with requests for us to cover additional topics. The site is now fully available and we look forward to even more visitors, queries, and contributions.
VCU contains best practice notes, white papers, case studies, recordings of webinars, and ‘how to’ videos for many of Vision Critical’s products and services.