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Vision Critical sorts through the Signal and the Noise of Big Data

With the growth of Big Data, and the accompanying scramble by techs to capitalize on the trend, a few companies are better positioned to effectively utilize this market than others.


Toronto-based Chango, for instance, was recently made an official partner in Facebook’s Ad Exchange (FBX), churning through huge quantities of search-related data which they then use to help marketers target individual Facebook users.


Vancouver’s Vision Critical is not only well positioned, with a history of researching consumer behaviour going back to 2000, but you could also say that their knack for knowledge extraction goes back to the old school, or more precisely that it’s in the company bloodline. Founder Andrew Reid is the son of Angus, of Angus Reid polling firm fame, which itself has been folded under the umbrella of the new enterprise, billing itself as “a Vision Critical practice”.


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